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Thanks to a friend recommending me to get some outside support, I took the plunge and booked in to see Sue. It's been a while since I booked in to see anyone! Short Story - SUE IS A LIFEBOAT. I feel she has got me surrounded, from all corners. All cosy and within my boundaries. She sees, she knows, she senses, she feels. She seems to knows what going on inside my body more precisely than I do! (And I'm pretty switched on to mind -body stuff) I feel her authenticity and am compelled to follow up on the homework tasks she has given more as they fit with where I am at. Since seeing her, less than 2 weeks ago I have felt some pretty awesome long-standing blockages within myself dissolve, and that is through the combination of me intentionally doing the work and Sue being my life guard - guiding and keeping an eye on me. If you are ready to move some seriously stubborn stuff, or get more in alignment with yourself or dig up some more inner joy, I encourage you take this plunge  Thanks Sue!!!



Thanks for the reiki session Sue. Having recently lost my Mum, having nondefferable surgery and dealing with lock down due to covid19 I have been experiencing some quite significant anxiety. I didn't have any idea what to expect but I came away feeling so much calmer and more relaxed. The tapping techniques Sue also showed me were very effective and I will be trying to practice these when my anxiety levels kick in. Thanks again Sue, you are a very special healer and friend.


I found Sue at Lifeboat to be full of learnt and natural wisdom. She has a natural affinity for human connection and finds a way to provoke negative thought processes into the light, helping them to be seen more clearly. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a bit of clarity and help at a time they may feel stuck. Thank you.

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