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Life Coach and Motivational Speaker


To tell you how I got to this point I would have to give you my life history. You can check that out later if you want.


My life as been like a roller coaster with many ups and downs and twists and turns. My last drop down was only a small drop. I tried to get back up only this time I had run out of energy and couldn't get back up. I actually started rolling back. I felt tired of always having to push back up. Looking on the outside it looked like I had it all; good job, great husband, lovely family, nice house and good friends. Nobody would have guessed that I felt like I did.


People could not see how much I had already been through. Everything caught up with me all my past grief struggles all the climbs I had already done. I had always pushed myself up tried to be positive started again - but I just could not get back up this time. So I decided on a different path. I started reading self help books, positive mind books, meditation guides, mindfulness articles. I looked at nature more closely and became more appreciative of what was around me.

I became more aware of all my senses smell, hearing, sight and touch. I tried to be more attentive to the now which made me more present with my family and friends. I now eat healthy, look at foods that are better for me. I  make sure I get fresh air and exercise as often as possible.

Making these changes gives me more energy. I started doing new things and challenges - even started acting classes. I carried on making more changes doing more for myself. Signed up for a life coaching course where I learnt even more about myself with the help of other awesome people.

Now a fully qualified life coach, I'm ready to share and project what I can to help others on their way.