The Virus

We are fighting this virus not with weapons or anger but with love and compassion.

I’m desperate to go and hug a friend or shake a hand or put my hand on somebody’s shoulder and say it’s going to be ok. It’s taking everything for me not to do that, but also not to let somebody touch or comfort me. I’m a real touch person. I like to feel things and love different textures. Even in nature like trees, leaves, and flowers. Maybe I was told not to as a child so now I’m rebelling by touching.

We all use one of our senses more than the others. Some people use sight more. They need to see the problem, maybe write it down, take pictures, make videos and learn more from visual text. They would use language like I see what’s going on and I can see that clearly now.

Some use hearing more and need to hear the problem and use auditory tools to work things out such as podcasts, stories, music, or talk things out loud or in their heads. They would use language like I hear where you are coming from, I like the sound of that, or that sounds good. My eyesight’s not too good and I have problems with my ears often so I use a touch. I like to feel my way through problems, see how it feels in my body and my mind. Not just what something feels like but also feeling into how it makes me feel. You know like when you stroke an animal, not only do they feel soft, they make you feel relaxed and sort of soft too.

I would use language such as “I will see what I feel like”, “it doesn’t feel quite right to me”. I will ask people “how does that feel like for you”? The scientists will find things to help us with this virus but from those that use their knowledge and skills from a place of love and compassion, not from those who want to hold the world to ransom or from greed.

If we look at the people like our own Siouxsie Wiles she’s trying to help us coming from a place of love and compassion for her vocation and humanity. Our prime minister feels like she’s coming from a place of love and compassion too. Which I believe is why we are doing so well as a country on the whole.I feel very grateful to be here in New Zealand that’s for sure.

When we look at those people who are leading countries without love and compassion we see, and hear a very different story. Look at our essential workers. They are coming from a place of love and compassion as many of these workers don’t even get decent financial rewards. By doing what we all are doing now is an act of love and compassion and if it can protect us from COVID-19 that shows how powerful love and compassion can be.

I have a feeling we can use that power to help us and our planet through many other world problems. But also in our country, community, family and ourselves.

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