I thought I would write a blog on my thoughts about recent events .

I thought I would write a blog on my thoughts about what as been happening around the world and particularly in the states. I read an article called white fragility by Dr Robin DiAngelo. This really got me thinking about my own life and how I have experienced privelege as a white person and other aspects of my life. Also times when I have felt jugded or lived in some kind of fear. My fear after the events that left me with PTSD can be controlled more now by reminding myself to be in the now and know that the trauma is not actually happening to me at this moment.With the situation with blacks in America now they dont get to have that privlege they must feel like they are in danger and fear for thier lives constantly.I really dont have any idea what that would be like however with my trauma experiences and realising how it would be different means I can certainly have empathy. With this in mind I am trying to see where I can change be better listen to my inner daialogue more notice judgements then dig deeper to see where they come from. Ask myself what am I believing about myself or the other person and is this actually true. I feel by admitting to myself that this is in me then I can try and change the dialogue and beliefs. Be kind and compassionate to myself as I have centuies of beliefs to work through. I have to be compasionate and kind to myself to be able to be compassionate and kind to others. We have become so exclusive and not inclusive these days judging people not just on skin colour but sex ,sexual preferences, age, height, disabilities,language, accents , the list goes on and on. So not only do we have black and whites fighting but also blacks fighting blacks whites fighting whites women fighting women. I dont have the answer but I think we just start with ourselves and look within . When we see or speak to another person think firstly they are a human being like me see where we are simular and not always how we are different. If we could see that this person is doing the best they can in any given situation with the tools that they have avialbale at the time ( something I heard Brene Brown say that struck a chord with me ).Then perhaps we could realise that person is not better or worse than ourselves and we are equal each of us doing the best we can in any given situation with the tools we have available at the time. These are my thoughts please feel free to comment it is not my intention to be disrepectful to anybody just to be better with in myself and to show empathy and kindness to humanity to help us build resilience with connection and compassion. Thank you 🙏🌻 I


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